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Amazing Thailand Festival 2023 awes

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The narcissist culture of travel 


Every country around the world is eagerly looking forward to increasing its share of Asian tourists, thanks to the simple mathematics of the exponential number of outbound tourists the continent generates. As we intend to closely record the experiential footprints of the travellers from all Asian countries, with a major focus on deep tourist-mining nations like India, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, and others, we can safely say, the world is watching us!


In a world of clutter, it is important to cut the crap and pick the crux. While doing so, it is not necessary to omit the required analysis or reject valid opinions for multiple perspectives. We believe in saving time, and publishing correct and useful information as our readers have a busy life and many things to see and do in this beautiful world. This is a single point go-to place to analyse all Asian travellers' footprints as well as find out what is happening to attract them in the first place.


Destinations around the world are giving information 24x7 to allure tourists. In today's digital age, when every potential traveller looks for the smartest phone that captures better photos and videos; when every breaking news is forwarded by one to another at lightning speed, there is no need to repeat the same again. How the overload of information can be curated and converted to smart content in a balanced way so that consumers, as well as those in the business both can benefit from the same, will remain our only call for action.



Dear Reader,

2023 has come with a lot of new hope and aspirations for more revival for the tourism industry at large. However, the demonic shadow of the pandemic relapse is looming large on the horizon. A few countries are resuming health measures and have already re-introduced RT-PCR tests to enter the country. Airports and hotels are coming back with stricter safety protocols of wearing masks and other hygienic measures. Hospitals are prepping with drills to combat with advanced disaster management systems learned in the last two years.
Like always, we are very prompt in blaming China and the low immunity power of the Chinese people. While the World Health Organisation (WHO) is requesting China to reveal more detailed information about the Covid-19 cases in the country to understand and map the situation, most people prefer to jump to conclusions




without reflecting on themselves. A country has the right to protect its people’s health and can initiate certain measures like it has been done to introduce RT-PCR tests on arrival from a list of countries. But within our own countries, we must do a self-assessment if we are doing our bit to support the cause of our governments. Travel is possible by wearing a mask, tourism is possible by maintaining a basic distance, if only we all are willing to do so. We have seen how contactless operations, services, and transactions are done. After all, it is ultimately a matter of self-restraint for a better future. Instead of hurrying, hustling, and bustling, why not take a pause, slow down and enjoy where you are, and then move on? The global trend is slow but mindful travel to experience joy and happiness. Hence, we present “Slow Is The New Speed”.    

We can only hope that the current situation will subside and brighter days are closer to us. But at the same time, we must remember what we didn’t do last time to personally contribute to the society we live in and breathe to save more people’s lives if the situation worsens.  There is more to do safely and securely than enjoying free holidays at home cooking new recipes and posting videos on social media when our neighbour is looking for survival food and oxygen.
If we continue to ignore the brazen fact that we need to act responsibly and erase the pandemic for once and all in a globally orchestrated manner, we better prepare ourselves for the doom’s day with no one to blame for.
Meanwhile, we can always talk and write about this beautiful world!

Look forward to your comments and ideas,
June Mukherjee
Founding Editor
#DeepDive #ClutterFree #LessIsMore


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