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A futuristic utopia unveiled

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Leading Meaningful Travel Towards Greener Horizon

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A voyage from the chaotic congestion


Every country around the world is eagerly looking forward to increasing its share of Asian tourists, thanks to the simple mathematics of the exponential number of outbound tourists the continent generates. As we intend to closely record the experiential footprints of the travellers from all Asian countries, with a major focus on deep tourist-mining nations like India, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, and others, we can safely say, the world is watching us!


In a world of clutter, it is important to cut the crap and pick the crux. While doing so, it is not necessary to omit the required analysis or reject valid opinions for multiple perspectives. We believe in saving time, and publishing correct and useful information as our readers have a busy life and many things to see and do in this beautiful world. This is a single point go-to place to analyse all Asian travellers' footprints as well as find out what is happening to attract them in the first place.


Destinations around the world are giving information 24x7 to allure tourists. In today's digital age, when every potential traveller looks for the smartest phone that captures better photos and videos; when every breaking news is forwarded by one to another at lightning speed, there is no need to repeat the same again. How the overload of information can be curated and converted to smart content in a balanced way so that consumers, as well as those in the business both can benefit from the same, will remain our only call for action.

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Amidst the urgency to address climate change, the role of tourists and travellers has never been more significant. With power comes responsibility, and conscientious travellers must prioritize destinations and activities that minimize environmental impact. The repercussions of unsustainable tourism are stark, with fragile ecosystems bearing the brunt of overexploitation and pollution. As travellers, we must tread lightly, leaving only footprints of goodwill and respect in our wake. In the dynamic landscape of global tourism, 2024 marks a pivotal moment as key stakeholders unite to champion sustainability and environmental stewardship. The World Travel & Tourism Council, the United Nations Tourism, and the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance have formed a groundbreaking alliance, pledging their commitment to Nature Positive Tourism.



This collaborative effort signals a paradigm shift towards responsible travel practices, particularly crucial in the face of recent escalating global warming concerns. In Europe, the spotlight shines on rural tourism as the European Committee of the Regions partners with UN Tourism in a groundbreaking study. This collaborative endeavour seeks to unlock the potential of rural communities, fostering sustainable development while preserving cultural heritage and natural landscapes. Moreover, the establishment of a research and development center in Croatia underscores the commitment to advancing sustainable tourism practices at the grassroots level.

In the age of data-driven decision-making, the UN Tourism Data Dashboard emerges as a beacon of insight, providing stakeholders with comprehensive statistics on key tourism indicators. From inbound tourist arrivals to tourism's contribution to GDP, this tool equips policymakers and industry players with the necessary information to steer tourism towards a sustainable future.

Despite these strides, challenges persist as some destinations face the strain of overtourism. Popular hotspots grapple with overcrowding, environmental degradation, and cultural erosion, underscoring the need for diversified tourism strategies. Sustainable tourism advocates advocate for the equitable distribution of tourism benefits, redirecting traffic to lesser-known gems and off-the-beaten-path locales.

In the quest for sustainability, the concept of slow travel gains momentum, encouraging travellers to savor the journey rather than rush to the destination. Slow travel promotes mindful exploration, fostering deeper connections with local communities and landscapes. By embracing a slower pace, travellers can reduce their carbon footprint and cultivate meaningful experiences that transcend fleeting snapshots. As we navigate the complexities of the tourism landscape, let us heed the call to action for sustainable tourism practices. Together, we can forge a path towards a more resilient and regenerative tourism industry, where the beauty of our planet is cherished and preserved for generations to come.


The true measure of our journeys lies not in the miles travelled but in the positive impact we leave behind. In the spirit of sustainability, let us journey forth with intention, leaving a legacy of responsible stewardship for future travellers to follow.

June Mukherjee
Founding Editor
#SlowIsTheNewSpeed #NewOrNothing


Founding Editor

June Mukherjee

Publisher / Creative Director

Priyam Biswas

Write | Capture | Partner


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